Saturday, 19 May 2012

Started this in January then promptly forgot my password . Also did not know how to share but have been given the advice to email to friends and post on FB. Anne and I have been readying our rv for our great journey to S. Ontario this summer. I will use this to journal our experience along the way. Our first outing in the rv will be next weekend in the Kananaskis not too far from home in case we run into issues or have forgot something. I am currently reading a book called Out into the wild. It is a true story of a young man back in 92 with a great sense of adventure. Unfortunately he meets his demise in Alaska but he had written a letter to an acquaintance about getting out on the road and seeing all the great things that God has put out there for us to experience. I am hoping that Anne and I will experience a lot of nature and healing quiet on this trip.

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