Monday, 21 May 2012

Well today I thought while chillin on the deck I would compose a post on my HTC smartphone. Ah technology. Problem is I could not get the keyboard to come up so here I am on the laptop.

Recently had the opportunity to do some healing pathways for a friend. We are not supposed to refer to them as clients  or patients so I like to think of them as friends whether they truely are or merely aquaintances. Along with my wife we used a technique called the Sacred Cross which in many cases puts the person on a higher spiritul vibe and and supposedly a connection with the divine. In our courses they told us to fake it till you make it. Just know that whether you think so or not you are doing good work. Well this time the person had an image of the crucified Christ so my first thought is oh wow, again another experience that should and is confirming my belief in this healing power. If you have never experienced this type of healing I would reall recommend it. It is very soothing.

Now speaking of soothing I brought up our little fountain that I plug in on the deck. Between it and the windchimes it helps to distract one from all the other noise pollution out there, power mowers, weed whackers the traffic from the busy streets like Country Hills Blvd. There was a show on tv the other year and they were doing the same kind of thing to balance out the other noises that we are bombarded with.

We all need time away from technology and the noises that it brings. I look forward to our first outing to the mountains in the rv where I can sit and listen to different more tolerable sounds, maybe a gray jay, someone chopping firewood, the sounds of tires on gravel and the wind in the pines.
I hope you all had a pleasant and recharging long weekend.


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