Sunday, 19 August 2012

Been busy writing on my Hippyhome Adventure blog so have not written on this one for some time.

I was thinking the other day though in regards to healing that with being in nature healing does  not get any better.

Looking back at some of our trip pictures we spent a lot of time with the trees, the stars, the lakes and God`s creatures. I had my smart phone and lap top with us but did not use them all that much. It was nice just to sit and enjoy the surroundings.

One spot comes to mind the most. We were at Caliper Lake in North Western Ontario. Anne add I had been sitting around the fire. She had enough and went in and I stayed out for awhile. The site where we were  had all kind of huge pine trees, big rocks scattered about and the lake in the background. I looked up and even though these trees were well spaced on the ground, way up high their branches formed a canopy over my head and I felt like I was being watched over. I had read that the First Nations people think of the trees as the " standing people". Last year when we had a strong wind storm in Calgary quite a few big trees were brought down and the greenhouse people were saying that when you plant pine trees , plant at least three together as they join their root systems to help them weather the storms. Here I was a Caliper surrounded by the " standing people" all in community and covering me below them. Something like being wrapped in someones embrace. Sitting there chilling, looking up I could also see the stars blinking back down at me. This beats technology any day. I must have stayed out for another 45 minutes just enjoying nature.

I think that when thinks get too hectic in our big city , go for a drive to the mountains or to the Bow and get out and walk amongst God`s creations. It is truly relaxing. Watch the birds the squirrels or whatever and you will soon be grounded.

Take care of yourselves , life is short.

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